The Crochet Life: Tips for Crocheting After Vision Loss

Close-up of a crochet project, gray yarn, with scissors and crochet needles.

Crocheting is a relaxing pastime that requires just a needle, some yarn, and your hands. No matter your level of skill or vision, you can still crochet. Here are 5 tips to get you started on your first crochet project:

  1. Start small. The “granny square” is a great beginner-friendly pattern because it’s quick and repetitive. As you create more, they can then be stitched together to build bigger projects.
  2. Try using thicker yarn or bigger needles, to make it easier to feel your stitches.
  3. Label your needles and yarns with braille or raised markers to quickly identify the right tools for the job.
  4. If you have low vision, handheld or stand magnifiers can be helpful, along with proper lighting.
  5. Ask for help. Join Hadley’s Crafting Circle, a monthly discussion group, to hear from crafters. The National Library Service (NLS) also has a variety of crocheting books and patterns free to access.

Give yourself time, patience, and practice and you’ll get there.