Hadley Fills a Void for Diane Cottenden

Diane Cottenden

Diane Cottenden is the type of person who jumps in to find solutions for any problem that comes her way. When confronted with sudden vision loss, Diane went to work looking for answers.

The state of Arizona put her on a waiting list for in-person vision rehab services. “They told me there are so many people going blind in the state that they don’t have the manpower to accommodate it.” She was put on a waiting list that they estimated would be six to eight months. So, her online search continued. “I stumbled onto Hadley and I haven’t left your site since!” Diane recalls.

She started with Hadley’s Managing Diabetes series as managing her diabetes was top of mind. From there, she has gone on to take more than 90 workshops and discussion groups across a wide range of topics including cooking, safety and technology.

"There is so much you have available. I am so grateful,” Diane states. “I don’t think I could have gotten by without you, without Hadley."

What stands out to Diane about Hadley is our responsiveness. "I am just one of thousands of people getting services from Hadley, but you see me. That’s amazing."