"Hadley was the Contact that Made the Difference"

Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy loves to read. If she could choose any place to be, it would be a library surrounded by books.

But reading is more difficult now. “Age-related macular degeneration slowly carved a path through my life,” Sharon explains. A friend suggested she reach out to Hadley for help.

When she called, Hadley staff took time to get to know her and suggested she give talking books a try. “The next thing you know, a digital talking book player and book cartridges arrived at my door,” Sharon recalls.

Hadley’s personal touch makes all the difference to Sharon. “There is always someone there. Many organizations offer a range of services, but you don’t always get a timely answer. Hadley is different. It is fabulous to have someone help me be independent. It is a gift.”

With her digital talking book player, Sharon can also listen to Hadley workshops. When she needs the next workshop mailed out, Hadley is just a phone call away.

Sharon, now 80, spent most of her life in the Washington, D.C. area. She worked for an international organization and then went back to school to become a psychotherapist. When driving was no longer possible, she relocated to New York City, where she has other transportation options and is near her daughter.

New York City living agrees with Sharon. She loves exploring all the city has to offer. She gets around mostly by public transportation, and she credits her fourth-floor walkup for keeping her fit and agile.

In such a large city, Sharon has access to helpful services. However, Hadley holds a special place in her heart. “It is a terrific operation. Hadley was the contact that made the difference,” she states. “You’ve given me so much. Thanks to Hadley, I don’t feel so helpless.”