Dialing the Phone Made Easier

Hand holding a white cordless telephone with buttons.

If it’s difficult to see the keypad on a telephone, making phone calls can be a hassle. Rather than relying on your sight, try using your touch instead with these handy tips:

  • Consider the 5 button as your starting point. If it’s a physical keypad, it will usually have a raised bump on it. This is where you will place your fingers to start your dial.
  • If right-handed, place your index finger on the 4, middle finger on the 5, and ring finger on 6. This row will be your home base for navigating up and down the keypad.
  • If left-handed, ring finger on 4, middle finger on 5, index finger on 6.
  • If there isn’t already a marker, add a bump dot or small piece of Velcro to the 5 button to make finding your home base easier.

With practice and patience, it will get easier.

This technique can also be helpful for other tools too: television remotes, calculators, and keyless door locks to name a few.

Our Dialing the Phone workshop walks through this technique in more detail and also has resources for where to buy large-button telephones, bump dots, and more.

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