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  • Cooking Series

    Continue to prepare your own food, whatever your level of vision. Learn tips to keep cooking safe and enjoyable.
  • Staying Connected Series

    Changing vision can make things like writing notes or dialing the phone more difficult. Learn new ways to approach these everyday tasks.
  • O & M Basics Series

    Learn ways to prevent falls, find things you've dropped, and more confidently navigate unknown spaces.
  • Tips for Guided Walking Series

    No matter how well you get around on your own, there may be times when asking for help just makes sense. Learn tips to make walking with someone’s help more comfortable.
  • Using the White Cane Series

    Is a white cane right for you? Learn the basics to decide.
  • Safety Basics Series

    In an emergency like a fire or natural disaster you need to act fast. Being prepared can make all the difference. Learn the essentials.
  • Guide Dogs Series

    Have you considered getting a guide dog but have some questions first? Learn more.
  • Low Vision Series

    Learn simple adjustments to make living with low vision a bit simpler.
  • You, Your Vision, and Your Doctor Series

    Get the most out of visits to the eye doctor and more fully understand the terms used for degrees of vision loss.
  • Labels for Everyday Use Series

    When vision changes, it can be harder to find the information and items you need. Discover new ways to label objects you use everyday.
  • Magnifiers Series

    If we need to magnify text to see it, there are many ways to get the job done.
  • Medication Series

    Safely and accurately manage your medications, no matter your level of vision.
  • Managing Diabetes Series

    Manage your diabetes with confidence, no matter your level of vision.
  • CVS Pharmacy Spoken Rx Series

    CVS Pharmacy Spoken Rx reads aloud all the information on your CVS prescriptions.
  • Clothing Series

    Organize your closet and make removing stains and doing laundry easier chores.
  • Cleaning Your House Series

    How can you make sure your house is really clean? Do it yourself using a few common sense techniques.
  • Organizing Your Home Series

    Find things around your home more readily. Learn simple organizing techniques that can make a huge difference.
  • Caring For Your Pets Series

    With a few tips and tricks you can keep your pet happy and healthy no matter your level of vision.
  • Grocery Shopping Series

    Shop at the grocery store with confidence, no matter your level of vision.
  • Dining Out Series

    Whatever your level of vision, you can still enjoy a meal out with friends. Learn tips and tricks to make dining out less stressful.
  • Taking the Stairs Series

    You don't have to stop taking the stairs, even if you can't see them well. Discover tips on how to navigate stairs safely and confidently.
  • Navigating Unfamiliar Places and Spaces Series

    You can safely explore unfamiliar places on your own, no matter your level of vision. Learn how.
  • Makeup Series

    Putting on makeup and feeling confident that you've got it the way you want it is possible no matter your vision. But you may need to tweak your approach a bit.
  • Women's Personal Care Series

    Continue to look and feel your best, no matter your level of vision. Learn tips, tricks, and new techniques for taking care of your hair, nails, etc.
  • Men's Personal Care Series

    Adding just a few steps to your routine can help with personal care, no matter your level of vision. From nail care to shaving, and everything in between, learn tips, tricks, and new things to try.
  • Home Repair Series

    Maintain and repair things in your home, no matter your vision.
  • Babysitting Series

    When vision changes, you may need a new approach to babysitting.

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