Braille Special Symbols Series

Teach your fingers to read special symbols in braille through this series of interactive workshops. With these symbols, you can read email and web addresses, measurements, and currency, as well as recognize italics and boldface.

There are two parts to every workshop in this series:

  1. a workbook mailed to your home, and
  2. audio instruction delivered either online or as an NLS digital talking book (DTB).

To get started, call 1-800-323-4238 or order online.

If you're new to braille, start with our Braille for Everyday Use Series.

If you’re new to braille contractions or want to refresh them, go to our Contracted Braille Series.

Also, you'll find it works best to take the workshops in order: letters, numbers, punctuation, and then contracted braille.

If you want to learn braille by sight, start with our Basic Braille by Sight Series.